Your Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Experiences in Central MA

Posted: April 1, 2021

Central MA is full of outdoor adventures: geocaching, hiking, camping, getaways, and places to experience spring blooms. Here’s a guide on how to take advantage of the region’s outdoor experiences this spring. You and your family will love our parks, farmer's markets and many outdoor attractions.

Take a Few Hikes

The outdoors are therapeutic, and hiking experiences are always a great way to get your exercise in while enjoying nature by yourself or with pets and loved ones. Central MA has several hiking options for you to explore--from railroads, covered bridges, preserved farms, wildlife sanctuaries and more! Choose your favorite scenic route and hike it.

Discover Central MA’s Golf Scene 

The rolling hills and open fields of picturesque Central Massachusetts offer some of the most enjoyable golfing experiences in the state. Whether you're looking for spectacular views, challenging championships courses, or a place to host your next event; we've got you covered with our list of top golf courses.

Top Destinations for Geocaching

Whether you’re new to geocaching or you’re a longtime hunter, Central Massachusetts is a geocache goldmine. This family-friendly activity is a great way to explore the world outside and Central Massachusetts is a great place to go cache hunting.

The Central MA geocaching community is very active; there are always new caches popping up, and plenty of legacy caches are active across the region. In fact, some caches, like the Central Mass Railroad cache, teach you that history as you play. Here are some top spots you won’t want to miss.

Tour through Worcester’s Parks

From exploring the ponds and fishing at Green Hill Park, chasing the waterfalls and wildflowers at the cascades, looking for a relaxing meditation by a feudal tower, to games and recreation on a hillside, or a rigorous waterfall hike - the region has a destination to satisfy your interests. 

Lace up your hiking boots, grab your bathing suit, and dust off that fishing pole - here are eight local parks for you to explore.

Camping Spots for a Refreshing Local Getaway

Doesn't an escape sounds refreshing? An outdoor getaway is a perfect retreat to refuel after a long winter indoors.

Whatever camping style you prefer--hammocking, RV, cabins, boating, tents--there are several gorgeous options in Central MA, each with a plethora of other outdoor activities you could partake in while you’re there. Here are our favorite camping spots near Worcester.

Farms and Markets in Central MA

There’s no better time to support local and contribute to our small businesses than now--and what better way than supporting your local farmers and eating local? 

Each Central MA farm has unique, delicious offerings, from produce, meats, sweets, and other treats. Here’s a handful of farms to visit this season!

Take Your Furry Friend on a Day Trip

If you think life is always better with a dog, this is a shortlist for you! Bring your four-footed friend along with you on your next outdoor excursion. We’ve gathered perfect pet-friendly spots for a sweet day with your pup. 

Also, did you know we have a Barkery in Central MA? Located in Grafton, MA is Quite Fetching Barkery, always ready to make every dog’s day with their puppy-approved treats.

Enjoy the Spring Bloom 

Between all of these hiking, camping, and geocaching excursions, it’s always lovely to (quite literally) stop and smell the roses. Fill your days with a little floral appreciation at these top destinations for all things spring bloom!

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